Is the return of The Rock really possible?

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Is the return of The Rock really possible?

Since the announcement of WrestleMania 39 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California, there has been nothing but talk of a possible generational (and family) clash between Roman Reigns and The Rock. Some were convinced that the plans had been blown due to the new creative direction wanted by Triple H, but apparently, this will not be the case.

In an episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer explained that the current direction is still to propose a match between the two: "The Rock vs Roman Reigns is 100% the plan for the next WrestleMania. Obviously, there are still several months left and Rock could have other more important media opportunities than WrestleMania, but for the moment its presence is confirmed.

"A few months ago we reported how The Rock did not have big film commitments for 2023, a scenario that it would have allowed to set up the expected rivalry with the cousin.

Update on The Rock's status

Bookmakers give Roman Reigns a favorite in the possible match with The Rock.

It will be necessary to understand whether or not the rivalry will have both WWE titles at stake, currently held by the "Tribal Chief": rumors of a possible division of the belts, so that Raw can also have its champion on a permanent basis, but not c 'is nothing confirmed.

At the moment Roman Reigns has surpassed 700 days as a Universal Champion (title won in 2020), while the WWE Championship won at WrestleMania 38 against Brock Lesnar, last April. Finally, we remind you that even for the next WrestleMania WWE will keep the format of the two nights: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April 2023.

The "dream match" between Roman Reigns and The Rock could very well be the second-night cartel match (and thus close the Premium Live Event) without having any title up for grabs. WrestleMania tickets will be available for purchase starting this Friday, as always on

WWE's Paul Heyman has stated that he will counsel Roman Reigns to face The Rock if The People's Champ decides to return to the company. "I mean, listen, if Dwayne Johnson wants the publicity to lose to Roman Reigns, we'll give him a title match.

He doesn't even have to wait in line or win a battle Royal or whatever, there's box office there. I'm impressed with what Dwayne Johnson has done outside of WWE and I would counsel Roman Reigns that we could make a special provision to defend the title and smash Dwayne Johnson.

Dwayne Johnson wants to take that beating, he is more than welcome to step up to The Tribal Chief, as long as he understands that when the match is over, he's going to be like everyone else, and that he's going to acknowledge The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns," said Heyman.