Injury for Liv Morgan?

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Injury for Liv Morgan?
Injury for Liv Morgan?

During her ring talked segment in the latest episode of Friday Night SmackDown, Liv Morgan went out with a brace on her arm, which made us realize that Ronda Rousey had hurt her during Summerslam by locking her arm in her Armbar.

According to Fightful Select, that brace is all part of the storyline and the SmackDown champion isn't actually injured in any way. The site revealed that her brace was brought specifically for her so that she could wear it in the episode.

At this point, it is unknown whether Liv Morgan will continue to sell off the injury ahead of her titled match against Shayna Baszler at Clash at the Castle on September 3, after the Queen of Spades won a Gauntlet Match just Friday night to get this chance.

Backstage News on Liv Morgan

Rumors have it that Rowdy will be involved in some way in this match despite being suspended for attacking Liv Morgan and the referee, angry about the final match in Summerslam. Dave Meltzer said this follows in his Wrestling Observer Newsletter: "While we don't have confirmation of this as a rematch for Clash At The Castle, we do have confirmation right now that there are plans to have Ronda on the show." Liv Morgan herself teased Shayna Baszler through a tweet: "I know how legitimate you are Shayna so bring me the two best skills please ...

I can't wait to pin you too. Tell your friend that the champion is her health, "with the emoji of her hand moving in greeting. Unfortunately for Liv Morgan, this whole situation she experienced also got her a bit into trouble with the WWE Universe that attacked her with some chants during the blue show, but colleagues intervened online to defend her.

Dutch Mantell has speculated that backstage politics may have negatively influenced Liv Morgan's recent booking in WWE. "The good thing about it is they have 51 more weeks this year to fix that. That's all they got to do. I think when you bring that up to me, they may have had to do a little bit of politics in the dressing room because Ronda was going down, and they kind of had to fix it with her," explained Dutch Mantell.

"So they come up with that, and she agreed to it, you know, as long as we can see that. So she didn't really get beat, it didn't really hurt her, and she got suspended. I think she, I think there were some politics played in that one. And it wasn't the right move."

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