WWE silently releases John Laurinaitis

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WWE silently releases John Laurinaitis

According to PWInsider's Mike Johnson, WWE has officially fired John Laurinaitis, practically Vince McMahon's right-hand man. The Bella Twins' stepfather ended up in the middle of an investigation involving the Chairman earlier this summer.

This is what the site reported: “Shortly after PWInsider.com published our story about Vince McMahon and John Laurinaitis, several WWE sources contacted to confirm that Laurinaitis was officially, quietly, let go of the company.

We are told that the firing took place in the last week or so and was, for obvious reasons, kept very quiet beyond a very narrow circle. We are working to confirm when the departure took place, but each source, to one person, made it clear that Laurinaitis was let go."

John Laurinaitis was released

At the end of June, we reported that Ringside News had let it be known that several talents had tried to call the number they always called when they needed something from John Laurinaitis and instead they were faced with a prerecorded error message, with which it was recommended not to call the number as it was deactivated.

Fightful had also already reported, when the investigation of Vince McMahon began, the following: "The Wall Street Journal has published a report on WWE and the consequences it will have, with the Board of Directors taking this very seriously.

Everyone at WWE is cooperating fully to move independent investigations by the same Board forward. A former office worker told us that they believe this will trigger a 'domino effect' and that Vince McMahon will have to fight very hard to stay, but we don't see John Laurinaitis in any other position than resigning," and they didn't go that far from the truth in fact.

During a recent episode of Cafe de Rene, former WWE Superstars Rene Dupree and Paul London discussed the potential for more allegations to surface against John Laurinaitis. "I can’t say he ever pissed me off directly, face to face.

He’s not the kind of guy to deal with you face-to-face. So I guess that kind of says something about him. But there are certain people you can tell talk a bigger game than what ends up being the truth, so you start questioning the validity and the integrity of some of these people.

And when they’re in charge of talent, that’s not always a good thing. The stories that I know, that I’m not going to say publicly because I could get in trouble, this is just the f*cking tiny little tip of the iceberg, [compared to] the sh*t that I know of. So imagine the other sh*t that’s out there”.