What are the plans for Logan Paul?

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What are the plans for Logan Paul?

Before WWE even made things official, Logan Paul wanted to confirm in one of his latest interviews his first effort as an official WWE Superstar after signing his contract with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, with one of his latest interventions in his personal vlog, which had left the fans quite dumbfounded.

Despite being unofficially confirmed at the time, the athlete still wanted to tell everyone who was listening, that in the contract signed with McMahon just a few months ago, there was also the option of a match with The Miz for Summerslam, thus going to confirm his contention with the Awesome One for the summer Big Four PPV.

After being treacherously hit by The Miz at the end of their duo match at Wrestlemania, right from the Skull Crushing Finale of the former WWE Champion wrestler, Logan Paul got his revenge, going to beat the Awesome finisher The Miz, in his second official match in the McMahon rings, at SummerSlam.

Now, it seems that the athlete will be absent for a few months, to prepare for the next boxing challenge at the end of the year.

Logan Paul surprised everyone

Logan Paul recently inked a deal with the Stamford-based promotion.

His only match in the company so far came against Rey Mysterio. Despite the beautiful words coming from many insiders, from Triple H to Sean Waltman to many other WWE wrestlers, it seems that a champion of the federation is not exactly thrilled with the behavior of the young athlete.

We are talking about the current US Champion Bobby Lashley, who would have been quite embittered by the boy's behavior in the first weeks of his stay in the WWE backstage. In his latest interview with TV Insider, the WWE All Mighty said: "I'm interested in seeing how he works.

I know he puts his best into his work. There is a difference in being tough. When I got into the business, you had to go and shake everyone's hands, to get to know everyone. I never got a chance to shake Logan's hand though.

He walked past me several times. I was the one who went to him to shake his hand. I don't know if he's going to be a full-time personality on the roster, but it would be good for him to go and shake a few more hands to get to know a few more people.

For the rest, he has done great things. The few times he was there he learned everything quickly. He has not yet given way to show how hard it can be. But all in all, I think it can do very well."