Dolph Ziggler reveals how long he will keep fighting

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Dolph Ziggler reveals how long he will keep fighting

During his WWE career, Dolph Ziggler won the heavyweight title twice, once the NXT Championship, six times the Intercontinental Championship, twice the United States Championship, once the World Tag Team Championship, twice the Raw Tag Team Championship and once the SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

He also won the 2012 edition of Money in the Bank. In recent weeks, Dolph has started a heated feud with the holder of the Theory briefcase. The latter did not appear on Raw or SmackDown last week, perhaps to catch his breath after the countless efforts he has made in recent months.

A new era has begun for WWE, which is reorganizing itself after Vince McMahon's sensational farewell. His role was taken over by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H was put in charge of the creative team.

Guest in the latest edition of the 'Cleveland Morning News', Ziggler made some interesting thoughts about his future in this business.

New details on Dolph Ziggler

"I don't know how long I will fight again, it depends on many factors" - admitted Dolph Ziggler.

“Even the healthiest people in the world can have sudden problems or suffer serious injuries. I have been quite lucky in my career. I went on for 18 years without ever undergoing major surgery. Most of the operations I have undergone even date back to my college days.

I don't think my retirement is close. That day will come sooner or later, but I'm not worried” - he added. Recently, Dolph was praised by 14-time world champion Randy Orton: “Dolph Ziggler is one of the most underrated superstars on the WWE roster, there's no question about that.

I am very sorry for him, as he has talent out of the ordinary. He is probably the best worker of my generation. I don't know if anyone has ever said it, but I assure you it's the truth" Many believe that Ziggler has not received proper credit for his exploits.

Dolph Ziggler delivered a warning to a former rival after WWE RAW went off the air. "Otis, who is, I don't want to say stalking me since our old days, we have a past. I don't want to get a restraining order, it's not that important.

What is important is that he still has a chance to feed his family, and he's still allowed to come to work. Just stay the hell away from me, let me do my business in the ring. If we have a match together, let's do it, let's do it again."