Huge plans for Karrion Kross

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Huge plans for Karrion Kross
Huge plans for Karrion Kross

Like a bolt from the blue, in the final segment of Friday Night Smackdown aired on Friday night, WWE (most likely the former top executive of NXT, Triple H in the first place) wanted to bring back its two fired athletes after months from Monday Night Raw: Karrion Kross and life partner Scarlett, who have made their official comeback in the company, as Dakota Kai had already done at SummerSlam.

In the final segment of the show, Bloodline was in the center of the Smackdown ring and was having a confrontation against Scotsman McIntyre, with Drew going to fight for world titles at Clash at the Castle against Roman Reigns.

At one point, however, the Scot was attacked by Karrion Kross, who came out of nowhere and who came back with a whole new look with longer hair than we left him last year. Kross hit McIntyre several times with his head against the steel steps at the entrance to the ring while the Bloodline followed the whole scene from the center of the square.

After the attack, Scarlett however placed the hourglass in the ring, as a sign of challenge to the absolute champion Roman Reigns, with her partner who made the gesture of the famous "Tic Toc" to the champion of the main roster.

What's next for Karrion Kross?

According to Fightful Select, Karrion Kross could be inserted into the feud between Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. Immediately after the attack on the Scotsman, Kross's defiant attitude towards Roman Reigns was very clear, with several fans and several insiders wondering if WWE would like to add the newcomer to Smackdown as well.

in the match titled of the next ppv. To dispel these doubts, the well-known and usual Dave Meltzer has thought about it in the last hours, from the microphones of the Wrestling Observer, with the journalist who in fact stated: "For Cardiff, it's still Roman and Drew and I've been told with certainty that he won't change at all.

They feel (WWE management ed) that this is the match that the fans want there." The fact of playing at home for Drew McIntyre will be essential to bring numerous British and European fans to attend the WWE ppv, with numerous tickets that have in fact been already sold for weeks.

That the return of Karrion Kross is also fundamental for the defeat of one of the two contenders at Clash at the Castle?

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