Drew McIntyre has something special in store

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Drew McIntyre has something special in store

Right after the normal airing of SummerSlam, we learned of what will be, at least so far, the main event of the next WWE PPV, Clash at the Castle. Drew McIntyre in fact defeated Sheamus in the episode of SmackDown preceding the “Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer”, thus becoming the new #1 contender for the titled reign of Roman Reigns.

The undisputed champion of the company will then be called upon to defend his belt against the Scotsman who, apparently, is working with WWE to record some special content. We do not yet know the purpose of these "recordings" but Drew himself has published a series of shots from what appears to be a promo video which, in all probability, we will see before the match takes place.

Obviously, the cards on the table can always change, especially after what was seen in the last episode on Friday night with the return of Scarlett Bordeaux and her life partner Karrion Kross. The latter has in fact attacked Drew during a verbal confrontation he had with “The Head of the Table” and Scarlett then placed the famous hourglass in the ring, a sign of the willingness of Karrion himself to chase the belt himself from Undisputed Universal Champion.

Will it really be like this? In the meantime, we show you the shots made public by McIntyre in collaboration with BT Sport and where his wife also seems to appear.

Drew McIntyre is a WWE veteran

Obviously, the invitation for all of you is to stay connected with our World Wrestling site to discover together all the future news and everything that will enrich an already historic main event, in particular for a PPV that returns to take place on European soil thirty years after the last time.

The WWE will in fact make a stop in Wales in the city of Cardiff to stage a historic event and perhaps to kick off a series of events annually in the European Union. Will it really be like this? Only the future will tell us, meanwhile, the construction of Clash at the Castle continues and its main event will be expected like few others seen in recent times.

Noam Dar spoke about Drew McIntyre's current run in WWE and said he could win the match against Roman Reigns. "I feel like in the past several years, Drew McIntyre has, you know, been on the top of the company, especially during the lockdown. Done an amazing job as champion and really helped WWE through that period. I think he is in his prime right now."