Raw: Dominik Mysterio has been shelved

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Raw: Dominik Mysterio has been shelved

This week, on Monday Night Raw, we will have the titled match between US champion Bobby Lashley and Ciampa, yet another battle between the Mysterios and Judgment Day and that crap tournament for those crappy female couple belts!

The evening starts with the entry of the three rebellious wrestlers: BAYLEY, DAKOTA KAI and IYO SKY ... DING DONG !!! The Role Model, after having received the consent of the fans, begins to target them. BUT ALEXA BLISS, ASUKA AND THE WHITE CHAMPION BELAIR ARRIVE !!!

The three champions of justice promise that the three tacks will not win the couple titles (highly coveted ...) and the EST would like a 3 Vs 3; Bayley accepts, but only in Clash At The Castle ... !!! The six wrestlers beat each other in all areas and we even get almost in the middle of the fans, where Alexa hits everyone like dominoes with a jump!

Referees and managers can hardly stop it all !!! Dominik Mysterio is made to look bad quite often on TV. Fatal mistake -Angelo Dawkins w Montez Ford Vs Seth "Freakin" Rollins Ford thinks well to be expelled immediately, wanting to hit with the Rollins chair!

Dawkins does not break down and starts well, avoiding the STOMP twice and touching success after a Spinebuster!

Dominik Mysterio has disappeared

Rhea Ripley brought out Dominik Mysterio who she beat up and assisted Finn Balor in his victory.

Seth ends up out of the square, but he's good at making Angelo go against the steps !!! Dawkins is not there ... CURB STOMP AVOIDED ... ATTEMPT BY DAWKINS ... PEDIGREE BY SETH AND EVERYONE AT HOME !!! In the post-match, the Visionary wants the CURB STOMP ...

BUT MONTEZ FORD ARRIVES AND ROLLINS GOES AWAY !!! Backstage we see THE MIZ and CIAMPA, with the former congratulating for the phenomenal feat (it's not a dig no no ...), while the former NXT wants to dedicate the title victory to the late Harley Race.

-Ezekiel Vs Kevin Owens KO immediately starts aggressive and ends Elias' brother out of the square! The Canadian sends Ezekiel against the table and ... POP-UP POWERBOMB ON THE CORNER OF THE RING !!! EZEKIEL IS ON THE GROUND AND THE REFEREE CALLS MEDICAL AID !!! On the images of Ezekiel being taken away on a stretcher, the first part of RAW ends!