Anthony Ogogo on the match vs Cody Rhodes: "It was supposed to be.."

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Anthony Ogogo on the match vs Cody Rhodes: "It was supposed to be.."
Anthony Ogogo on the match vs Cody Rhodes: "It was supposed to be.."

In an interview with Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Anthony Ogogo recalled his match with Cody Rhodes. Much was expected from such a match, however, some things were not as they should have been. "It was supposed to be a 16-minute match with Cody," Ogogo said, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

"I've seen people at TV, they're wrestling and are told 'You've got to cut a minute.' And then they panic, and they make mistakes. We lost 6 minutes in our match, for my first ever match, which was annoying because we had some cool s*** planned and we were going to really hype up the bigger moments.

"But you've got to be a team player in this business. And I very much am a team player and I want AEW to succeed. I want to be successful of course, but I want AEW to be successful as well. And sometimes you've got to be a team player."

Anthony Ogogo recalls Weigh-in with Cody Rhodes

Ogogo also remembered the weigh-in he had with Rhodes.

He asked Rhodes for advice, but he told him it was just 'just a simple weigh-in' "F***ing dogs*** mate. Dogs***," Anthony Ogogo said. "So Cody said to me 'We're gonna do a weigh-in.' 'Oh cool. What's going to happen?' And Cody, Cody's brilliant.

He's brilliant at what he does and has a great mind for it. He's a really good coach, a great promo coach. He was like 'We can do a weigh-in.' I asked 'Who's getting knocked out? What are we going to do?' 'It's a weigh-in. We're not going to touch.'

I was like 'Oh.' I've watched enough wrestling to know that's a bit drab and a bit s***. He was like 'Nah, it's going to be cool.' Listen, this was my third week on TV. I was gonna show up, work hard, do as I'm told."

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