More trouble for Vince McMahon

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More trouble for Vince McMahon
More trouble for Vince McMahon

In recent months, WWE has undergone numerous changes and numerous news that have gone around the world, changing what had been a consolidated reality for decades, leaving WWE Universe fans amazed. Only in the last few weeks, in fact, we have seen Vince McMahon end up in a huge cyclone due to his alleged affair (or more than one) extramarital affair with an employee, obviously with everything that has remained hidden by his wife Linda, only to see a big change within the WWE leadership, where John Laurinaitis and Vince himself have had to step back from the roles they have carried on for years.

In the end, John Laurinaitis was sidelined and deposed as director of talent at WWE and finally silently fired, while instead Vince McMahon, shortly before an episode of Smackdown, decided to retire permanently from the position of Chairman, to enjoy his well-deserved retirement at the age of 80.

His daughter Stephanie and the co-president of the company, Nick Khan, took over from Vince, while the creative part of the federation was entrusted entirely to the federation's COO, as well as Steph's husband, Triple H.

Latest update on Vince McMahon

In the last few days, obviously, even if we have not heard anything, the investigations on the internal situation at the WWE of Vince McMahon would have continued, with some very important details that would have emerged in the last hours.

If initially, the millions that were missing from WWE's pockets were an amount of three million dollars, which would have been taken by Vince McMahon as payment for the silence of his collaborators, the more time goes on and the more that figure seems to grow.

Apparently, between the money spent directly by Vince, out of his own pocket and those out of the coffers of the WWE for no apparent reason, the amount spent a few weeks ago was around $14.6 million, with this amount that was already extraordinary even for a company like WWE.

Yesterday, news emerged from the well-known Wall Street Journal, which reported that another 5 million total would be missing from the WWE coffers and would be easily attributable to Vince McMahon and his private affair. The total amount of money spent on the silence of all his collaborators involved now reaches $19.6 million, with the situation linked to the former Chairman that becomes increasingly complicated and indefensible. WWE has reportedly let go former Head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis.

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