Eric Bischoff on Triple H handling creative: It's a breath of fresh air

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Eric Bischoff on Triple H handling creative: It's a breath of fresh air

Since the arrival of Triple H at the head of WWE, there were immediate rumors about new projects, the return of some stars as well as the arrival of young talents. Many feel that it is much easier to work with Triple H. More and more news is coming out about Vince McMahon.

Vince was a tough man, he loved the discipline and WWE was his life 24 hours a day. Triple H is a different person again and has his own methods and techniques. Eric Bischoff talked about this in "Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff."

"I think it's a fair statement to suggest that with Paul Levesque [Triple H] now handling creative, and a new culture as [John Alba] put it, it's a breath of fresh air," WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff said on "Strictly Business with Eric Bischoff, as quoted by Wrestling Inc.

"There are a lot of talent outside of WWE that have worked with Paul before and know his style and would be real excited, you know, to work in a company where Paul Levesque is calling those creative shots, at least leading that charge."

Eric Bischoff on Triple H: New day, new slate

They will expect a lot of new things from Triple H. Most believe that his creativity will come to the surface. Also, the story behind the fights will be quite different and that is what makes the fans especially happy.

"I've been reading and staying on top of the news," said Eric Bischoff. "I think Paul Levesque has hit the ground running which is really impressive because, you know, there is two ways of doing things ...

You can kind of ease your way into it and slowly integrate the ideas that you have for change or you can go, 'Bam. New day, new slate. Let's play,' and apparently, that's what Triple H is doing."