New details on 2022 WWE Draft

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New details on 2022 WWE Draft
New details on 2022 WWE Draft

According to what our American colleagues from Fightful Select reported, the usual Draft that WWE carries out every year to mix the cards up a bit by moving wrestlers from one brand to another or not will take place after Clash At The Castle.

The site has made it known that many Raw Superstars are expected to appear in the first episode of SmackDown following the special event in Wales, so let's talk about 9 September, very soon. On the other hand, many SmackDown talents are expected to appear in the episode of Raw on September 5th and beyond, even on the 12th.

All of this would be written internally in the company. This has led the company's talents to speculate internally that the WWE Draft will be shortly after the Clash At The Castle event. This has not yet been confirmed to the talents, but there have been other things that have led them to believe that this will be the case.

The Fightful report also confirms that the writers have pointed out that repackages are also more likely after this date than in the immediate future. So there is talk of a possible change at the wrestler level most likely.

Update on 2022 WWE Draft

In May we reported that according to Ringside News, WWE had already marked in pencil when it will hold its annual Draft, with that date indicatively expected to emerge in early September, or at the latest for the first half of the month of early fall, a report which coincides with what Fightful said in this latest update.

But be careful that as always, everything can change. Last year, we remember how WWE moved its Draft twice, with the initial plans still staging as planned, but at different times and with several Superstars who didn't even know they were going to switch roster, staying all 'obscure everything up to things already done.

So keep your eyes open and for every update, keep following us here on the site and on our social networks. Recently, The Undertaker has said Triple H doesn't get enough credit and is essential for developing a lot of guys in WWE.

In an interview with ESPN, The Undertaker commented on The Game's new role in the company. "I mean, he's [Triple H] brilliant, he really is. I don't think he gets enough credit for his wrestling acumen. I think he'll be a huge asset to the development of a lot of guys."

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