Big match announced for Raw

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Big match announced for Raw

It's only been a few weeks since Triple H has been in charge of the creative team in WWE, but the breath of fresh air is beginning to be felt. In addition to the resounding returns of his NXT wards, Hunter is restoring prestige to the Company's secondary titles, the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship.

On social media, it has just been announced that in the next episode of Raw, Bobby Lashley will put the US title up for grabs against AJ Styles. This is an unprecedented match since the two have never faced each other in the ring until now, and they will certainly give a show.

Lashley is still champion after defeating Ciampa last week in Cleveland in a great match: the former NXT Champion had even presented himself in the ring with an attire that paid homage to Harley Race, a legend of Wrestling.

The latest news on Raw

WWE recently announced on its social platforms that Bobby Lashley will face AJ Styles on Raw. AJ Styles has long been involved in the mix between Ciampa and Miz, and just last week he defeated the Awesome One in a No DQ Match.

The eyes of the fans, however, were focused on the return of Dexter Lumis, who presented himself as a simple hooded guy at ringside and then being escorted by the local police. We'll see if he tries to interfere in any way in the title match between Lashley and Styles.

The "Almighty" is experiencing a real youth in WWE: he regained the US title at Money in the Bank, beating Theory at the end of a no-holds-barred battle. Bobby is doing everything he can to restore prestige to the US belt, which had fallen by the wayside during the Vince McMahon era.

The US title is not the only one to have regained prestige. At SmackDown, in fact, Gunther is carrying the intercontinental title with honor and seems unstoppable. In last night's episode, the wrestler from Vienna defeated Shinsuke Nakamura at the end of a very hard-fought match that was heard by the public.

Meeting that, among other things, was even the main event of the episode: a clear sign of the changing times in WWE. Meanwhile, Bianca Belair of WWE spoke about the possibility of becoming an undisputed champion herself. "I mean, listen, I have a lot on my resume right now in a very short amount of time.

So, that's another nothing, I can add to the resume. I would like to have two golds on both shoulders. I mean, gold is my favorite color, so."