John Cena recalls his match against Bray Wyatt

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John Cena recalls his match against Bray Wyatt

Despite having now become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, John Cena has never forgotten where he started from. The 16-time world champion made WWE and wrestling history in general, as well as thrilling millions of people in every corner of the planet.

The Boston champion has gradually moved away from the ring in recent years, thanks to advancing age and the desire to make it into the cinema. Following in the footsteps of the legendary The Rock, the leader of the 'Cenation' proved to be a well-rounded performer.

John's last WWE match was in SummerSlam 2021, but he recently appeared to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his debut in the company. According to insiders, we will have to wait until WrestleMania 39 to see him in action again.

During Comic-Con Wales, the former WWE Champion answered a lot of questions from fans. One of them involved the 'Firefly Fun House match' against Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36.

John Cena opens up on Bray Wyatt

“I was pretty nervous before that match.

It was a very special meeting and I didn't know how the fans would react” - John Cena confided. “It was uncharted terrain for us too and we relied on our creativity. I have lost explosiveness and physical strength over the years, but experience allows me to use some tricks.

I had a lot of fun working with Bray Wyatt, it was a thrilling experience. In general, I think it is right to experiment with something different every now and then ”- he added. John also talked about his future: “My days in the ring are not over yet.

At the same time, I am a realistic person and I know where my career is. I am 45 years old and I doubt I can become a world champion again. The top of that mountain is reserved for young people. In all likelihood, I will remain a 16-time world champion”.

We remind you that the 39th edition of WrestleMania will be held a stone's throw from Hollywood. Rob Van Dam (RVD) recently recalled how he found it amusing when fans ridiculed John Cena before a WWE Championship match.

“I was laughing. That was just a shoot f**king ‘this is hilarious’ kind of laugh. I didn’t expect that. That’s a hell of a souvenir to take home with you from a pay-per-view, John Cena’s shirt, so that’s pretty committed to throwing it back at him. That’s perfect for the energy that was at The Hammerstein Ballroom”.