Corey Graves on the new era of WWE: I am having more fun now

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Corey Graves on the new era of WWE: I am having more fun now
Corey Graves on the new era of WWE: I am having more fun now

It seems that with the arrival of Triple H at the head of WWE, many feel positive vibes and expect big changes. In WWE, a lot has happened behind the scenes, and only now will many things come to light. In an interview with After the Bell, Corey Graves talked about Triple H and his impressions after his arrival.

Graves emphasized that he is now feeling much better. “I love the cliffhangers, the elements of surprise, you gotta keep people guessing … Not everything needs to be a surprise because not everything is going to captivate you in that way,” Graves explained, as quoted by Ewrestling News.

“But right now, in the past few weeks, I am having more fun calling Monday Night “Raw” because I loved being surprised”. Graves does not want to be too involved in every part of the show and the situation within the organization.

He is aware of his task and wants to perform it in his own way... "I prefer not to have any clue as to what’s happening on the show. I get to react, I get to be a fan, I get to play the role of a super knowledgeable wrestling fan, rather than snarky bad guy announcer”.

Corey Graves on his job

Graves spoke a few months ago about his role and new challenges. “I have no immediate goals to accomplish,” Corey Graves said. “I’ve accomplished so much in this role as a commentator, which is a role I never in a million years expected to have in the first place, so now I feel like I’ve got the commentary thing down, now what else can I do? I’m constantly behind the scenes trying to learn and learn the business side of the wrestling business and I always want to have irons in different fires, just because I feel like when I get complacent, I get bored."

Corey Graves

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