Jim Cornette comments on Triple H

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Jim Cornette comments on Triple H

With the departure of Vince McMahon, a new era has begun for WWE. The now former Chairman of the company has decided to step aside, also thanks to the heavy accusations that have come down on him in recent times. His place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H was put in charge of the creative team.

The 14-time world champion retired from wrestling shortly before WrestleMania 38, unwilling to take any chances after undergoing heart surgery in September 2021. The Game has already shown that it knows how to do it backstage, having been the main architect of the 'NXT miracle'

Hunter has given emotions and twists to SummerSlam, including great returns and sensational surprises. HHH also reported several superstars to WWE who had been released. In the latest episode of his now famous podcast, former WWE manager Jim Cornette expressed his opinion on the future of the company.

Jim Cornette speaks about Triple H

"WWE is trying to reorganize itself after the upheavals of the last few weeks" - Jim Cornette began. “There have been several returns that have sent audiences into raptures, but that's not enough.

We have not yet seen a radical change from the past. Everyone does the same things as before. I noticed that the angles have been amplified and exaggerated, not yet at AEW levels, but we are close” - he added. Jim gave Triple H some advice: “You don't need to change the whole product all at once, otherwise you risk turning a wrestling program into a game show.

In my opinion, The Game should start doing something meaningful with a superstar and progress gradually." A comment on the release of John Laurinaitis could not be missing: “The truth is that a lot of wrestlers didn't like it and didn't create a good harmony backstage.

No one has ever been thrilled to work with him and I doubt that another company will offer him the compensation he was used to. Nobody will hire him”. Industry veteran Jim Cornette has given his opinion on Lacey Evans' bizarre return to WWE.

"She was a good heel, she had personality," said Cornette. "She had a good heel demeanor. Haven't seen much of her wrestling but it didn't look like it was rotten as I recall. But how she got there to being a heel was the most ignorant way to build a heel I've ever seen."