Seth Rollins opens up on Triple H

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Seth Rollins opens up on Triple H

The wrestling world is still processing Vince McMahon's retirement from WWE, but at the same time, excitement is skyrocketing for what Triple H's new task can bring to fans and even the wrestlers themselves, taking creative control of the company.

Inevitably, among them is Seth Rollins as well, who's known to have always been one of the first pupils of Triple H. Of whom, not surprisingly, he was a proud opponent first, then a faithful henchman and finally an irreducible rival.

In short, Seth Rollins is one of the athletes of his generation who ever worked closely with Triple H, and it is no coincidence that during the recent launch party of WrestleMania 39 he showed his support for The Game while speaking to the media present at the event of his former mentor's new high responsibility task within WWE.

Seth Rollins comments on Triple H

"It's exciting, man, it's very exciting," Seth Rollins explained bluntly about what it's like to work for Triple H now that the historical phase is so thriving and inspiring.

"As I was saying in a couple of interviews - he added -, it's a brand new world. It is very similar, but there are some small differences that are impossible not to notice. It's like entering the White Rabbit's lair and finding yourself in a parallel universe.

All of WWE is still here, they are all the same people you know and love, and have worked with before. But now it's all going in a different direction." What seems to particularly tease Seth Rollins, then, are the prospects that Triple H's new WWE will have in the near future: "I'm not in the skin, I can't wait to see what the next six months will be and find out where.

We're going to finish. Triple H is fantastic. He's been a mentor to me for a long, long time and I'm really eager to see where WWE will take." In recent weeks Seth Rollins has clashed with The Street Profits on Raw and, although it has not yet been officially announced, in the next WWE ppv, Clash at the Castle next month, he should recover the match against Riddle not played at SummerSlam for the injury of his opponent.

In a recent interview with Metro, The Visionary explained that he has changed his wrestling style following the birth of his daughter: "It’s one of those things – for me, it’s extra inspiring. You wanna work harder to make the kid proud and earn as much of a living as you can to provide for that person.

I think she’s been extra inspirational in that way, but at the same time, she’s obviously made me think about things in a safer way."