Aiden English sells his ring gear

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Aiden English sells his ring gear

At just 34, Matthew Rehwoldt, better known to WWE fans as Aiden English, as well as the husband of Eddie Guerrero's daughter Shaul, also a former WWE wrestler, has decided to drop all pro-wrestling ring engagements. With a statement that smacks of goodbye to struggling but not a complete farewell to the discipline, Aiden confirmed a few days ago that he will no longer take booking to fight, but that he will evaluate possible participation just to talk or to be a manager.

Through tweets, he said: "So here we are: I will no longer take bookings to fight from now on. I will spend most of my time at home with a microphone in front of me making plans and still doing this business. I'm not sure if I feel more comfortable in the ring and this past year has taught me that well.

But I still love doing this job and technically I'm a free agent, so if you companies / promotions need someone to entertain you or an experienced voice on the microphone, consider me! However, I will continue to explore the world of gaming and create content.


Aiden English sells his ring gear

Aiden English is happily married to Eddie Guerrero's daughter, Shaul Guerrero. In the last few hours, Shaul Guerrero's husband wanted to announce to his fans how some props and props from his WWE career have been put up for sale online, with the same athlete telling his supporters to contact him in case they want to.

buy something. The objects with a higher value, are obviously the ones that the athlete wore in his most important storyline in WWE, or that of Rusev Day, when the former NXT had gone into a feud with Rusev, after having betrayed him.

Speaking on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Aiden English revealed that he never planned on becoming a commentator. I said this before in other interviews, it's a classic story. I tried to get things going. I talked to creative. I would pitch ideas.

Hey, we could do this. We could do that, and it's a lot of 'sure, we'll look at it,' but for whatever reason, it didn't go that way. So I wasn't doing a lot of the time, and I wasn't working a lot."