Butch may change his name

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Butch may change his name
Butch may change his name

Butch, formerly known as Pete Dunne, may have anticipated his next return to the ancient character, in one of the many upheavals behind which would be hidden the hand of Triple H, now in charge of the creative area of ​​WWE and who was among its main sponsor since the explosion at NXT UK.

And the clue to all this would be in a Twitter post. After Triple H was named Stamford's new creative director, he brought back several former WWE stars, including Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, Dexter Lumis, Top Dolla, and Ashante "Thee" Adonis and B-FAB.

But it also gave new life and profoundly different stories to the protagonists of the ring who were already operating on Raw, SmackDown and beyond. On Twitter, Butch, who has the username of "Pete" BUTCH "Dunne", shared a photo of himself and Ridge Holland attacking Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch in an episode of NXT.

This has led fans to speculate that Butch will revert to his previous character, complete with a Bruiserweight character. The SmackDown star worked under The Game during his time in NXT and NXT UK as Pete Dunne.

Latest update on Butch

It is curious to remember that just over two months ago, with Vince McMahon still in command of the WWE, the former Pete Dunne publicly defended the new gimmick, stating to the British of 'Metro': "I did not know the name Butch specifically, but I I figured there was going to be a name change.

And Vince looks really into it, as you can imagine. He seems really into Butch's idea. It's funny. Not that I want my job at NXT to go away, it will never go away." Butch also posted another interesting tweet in early August, again referencing Pete Dunne's old Bruiserweight character, and recalling Clash at the Castle next month in the UK: Already a highly regarded champion at the time of NXT UK, Pete Dunne teamed up with Holland and Sheamus when he was called to the main roster last March, taking on the character of Butch.

As previously reported, Triple H is repackaging the storylines and characters of several WWE Superstars now that he's in charge. This is the case of Becky Lynch, in which she has imposed her return as a babyface with the character of The Man, the same one that the Irish champion played before the injury. Doudrop also recently confirmed that he spoke with Triple H about a possible name change.

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