Paul "Triple H" Levesque on future plans for WWE

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Paul "Triple H" Levesque on future plans for WWE

Paul "Triple H" Levesque made many happy with his arrival at the head of WWE. There are great expectations from him and his rule. In a conversation with investors, Triple H revealed what awaits us in the future. "I have the good fortune to work in WWE for 30 years, whether on screen at the office, in the writer's room, or at the performance center and many of those, at the same time, whatever the opportunity was available, I always took it," Levesque said as quoted by spot.

I always wanted to learn the behind-the-scenes, the 'why' we did what we did. So I could apply those learnings and become the best talent I could possibly be. In my new role of leading creative and talent, it comes with great responsibility, but I am incredibly confident that we have the right team in place to succeed.

More to that mission is orchestrating storylines and creative that appeals to our existing fans and helps us grow the WWE universe along the way. It's early days, but we believe that you've seen some initial signs of this positive momentum at Summerslam last month."

Triple H on the PPV event

The July PPV brought great excitement, and it happened shortly after the departure of Vince McMahon. "Brock Lesnar drove a front loader out during his entrance, and at one point in the match, he picked up the ring with the tractor and raised his 15 feet in the air, which sent his opponent Roman Reigns tumbling to the floor and as I've mentioned, I've been in this business for a long time.

I've seen a lot, but I've never seen anything like [what] took place that night at Summerslam. Within 48 hours alone, we want to continue to create these moments and memories that will last a lifetime," Triple H said.

"And we will get there by writing compelling storylines for the most intriguing characters. And then on top of that, developing new talent. Talent is an area with this company has a renewed focus."