WWE releases further statements about Vince McMahon

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WWE releases further statements about Vince McMahon

As we all know very well by now, Vince McMahon quit his job as WWE Chairman because he was involved in "small" scandals that, when combined, form a truly huge scandal. In fact, in several terms, it turned out that McMahon would have paid some of his former employees, very good money, let's talk about millions and millions of dollars, not to mention some intimate relationships he had with them, otherwise, if they had talked, he would have fired them.

WWE released a lengthy statement on the scandal during its quarterly report to the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. The report states that it does not have an effective control environment, risk assessment or monitoring under previous management.

This was why the company was unaware of the payments made by Vince McMahon.

New details on Vince McMahon

We report a small part: "We have not maintained an effective risk assessment based on the criteria established in the COSO framework which has resulted in deficiencies in the principles associated with risk assessment.

In particular, these control deficiencies constitute material weaknesses, individually or in the complex, relating to identifying and analyzing the risks for achieving the objectives throughout the entity." Triple H had declared a guest from Logan Paul a few days ago: "I'll tell you this about Vince McMahon.

His clothes are huge that I couldn't even dream of starting to think I could wear those clothes. The gap there, right now, is huge, but the opportunity to take him in a direction he has never seen before is [also] enormous.

I am thrilled with this opportunity. We have an incredible team. There will never be a single person, a single person can never even start wearing those clothes. A whole team of people will throw themselves into those clothes. Without him, none of this would exist."

Former WWE Superstar Steve Lombardi (a.k.a. The Brooklyn Brawler) recently spoke about Vince McMahon's retirement from the company. He also detailed how the former WWE Chairman made him rich despite booking him to lose many matches and putting over new talent.

"I respect him [Vince McMahon]. He made me a rich man. He made me a well-off man. He always did me right. I always respected everything he did. People are beginning to understand today that the word 'jobber' is now labeled architect.

Every person I wrestled, every person that [who] beat me, I would say 60 percent of them I could beat the hell out of in real life. So that's the way it works."