Raquel Rodriguez on her WWE future

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Raquel Rodriguez on her WWE future
Raquel Rodriguez on her WWE future

In the last episodes of Friday Night Smackdown, we have seen on the screens of the main WWE brand, several well-known faces of NXT, such as Raquel Rodriguez, Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser make their debut in the shows that matter, being merged into the Smackdown roster after put passed to NXT.

If Gunther and Ludwig Kaiser took action right away, especially Gunther, who immediately showed his dominance as the Imperium leader even to fans of the WWE main roster, those few who did not yet know them, becoming the Intercontinental champion of the blue show, the situation for the former NXT tag team champion and absolute seems to be different.

In the first episodes of Smackdown in which she appeared, Rodriguez did not in fact have plans who knows how concrete, nor a confirmed opponent with whom to have a feud, with several fans and insiders who have begun to wonder if WWE really has wanted to move her to push her or if at the moment there are simply no plans for her either at NXT or on the main roster.

After the departure of Vince McMahon as head of the company, it seems that Triple H is now building something important for all the deserving athletes on the main roster, including Raquel Rodriguez.

Raquel Rodriguez talks about The Game

In her latest interview with TMZ Sports, former NXT champion Raquel Rodriguez, currently on the WWE blue roster, Raquel Rodriguez, wanted to have her say on the change at the top of the company's creative team, with the giantess of the show.

"It's crazy, we're all very excited. I know I can speak for most of the women on the roster who are excited about having more match time, new opponents, shuffling rosters well, and seeing something really unexpected take place.

I think that in addition to this and I also speak for NXT, everyone is more at ease and we all find it very easy to relate to him, especially to bring him our ideas, if we have any." Former NXT Women's Champion Raquel Rodriguez is happy to have her old tag team partner Dakota Kai back in WWE.

"I'm so excited and happy for her [Dakota Kai]," said Rodriguez. "She is an absolute superstar. The things that girl does, the way she moves and walks with confidence. I've learned so much from her, just being under her wing so long, you know what I mean? She's been a big part of my career."

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