Raw: WWE presents Ezekiel's entire family

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Raw: WWE presents Ezekiel's entire family

Apparently, the great plans that WWE and especially Triple H had in store for Kevin Owens, seem to have already been staged, slowly on the television screens of the red show, with Owens who already in the last episode of Raw gave a small taste of what he can still do to fans of the company.

After weeks of feuding, in fact, in the last episode, there was yet another clash between Elias' brother and Owens, in the rings of the WWE flag show, with the match between the two which, however, ended before it even started.

After seeing a fight almost from nowhere, with WWE arriving with a camera cut already in the ring, while Ezekiel was already present on the square, the two battled, with the match ending when Kevin Owens thought he'd hit his opponent with his devastating ringside Powerbomb, like when he'd just landed at NXT.

This is certainly at the behest of Triple H, who tried to bring out the most heel and unscrupulous part of the Prizefighter character, now dormant for months, even years, at the behest of the old Chairman. After being taken away on a stretcher, it seems that Ezekiel may see changes shortly as well (perhaps with a return to Elias' gimmick), with Owens already beginning to regain that hairless destroyer status he was at the beginning of his stint in WWE.

WWE features all of Ezekiel's family members

During the episode of the red show that aired tonight, we saw WWE go to frame a hospital ward where Ezekiel was hospitalized, with all the family members who went to visit their injured loved one.

Needless to say, all of the wrestler's family members were played by him, starting with Elias, and ending with his father, mother and even grandson. All of them with the face of the wrestler, in one of the weirdest storylines that WWE has ever created in its history.

During the angle, the reporter Jimmy Smith wanted to announce how Ezekiel has sustained several injuries due to the Powerbomb trimmed by Owens in the last episode of the red show, with his exit from the scene that will be very prolonged.

Could WWE now change the gimmick of its athlete? During this week's episode of Legion of RAW, former WWE writer Vince Russo tore apart the current Ezekiel storyline. "What's the deal with Kevin? Is Kevin Owens hurt? So Kevin Owens just disappears, and Ezekiel loses.

So what was the point of bringing Ezekiel back, just to have another body on the roster that can eat up time? For the amount of time, this kid was away, and now you bring him back."