Raw: Dexter Lumis reappears at ringside

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Raw: Dexter Lumis reappears at ringside

In the post-main event of last Monday's episode of Raw, we saw how WWE security removed a character very similar to Dexter Lumis from the barriers near ringside, with the company's cameras lingering a few seconds on him, up until the federation's social networks have not confirmed his identity.

After the latest rumors that had arrived via the well-known site Fightful, it, therefore, seems that WWE has decided to really bring the former NXT athlete back to its screens, making him debut directly on Monday Night Raw, in an episode full of surprises and oddities, like the car accident that arrived directly in the backstage, which left the fans of the company dumbfounded and which had been caused by Lumis himself, just a few minutes before the assault in the main event.

This week, the athlete tried again, with the presence of him triggering the WWE security that had to escort him once again out of the arena, always in a match of Phenomenal One: AJ Styles.

Dexter Lumis reappears at ringside

In what appears to be another very bizarre storyline from the Stamford-based company, we have seen in the last seven days how Triple H also wanted to bring back his former NXT protégé Dexter Lumis after Vince McMahon had instead fired him from NXT, after months of storylines.

This Monday, while a match was staged between AJ Styles and Bobby Lashley, Dexter Lumis climbed over the barriers placed at the ringside, with security immediately rushing to take the athlete away, as is usually done with fans.

rowdy people who don't follow the rules on shows. After the commercial, Jimmy Smith confirmed the identity of the former NXT wrestler, also confirming the fact that the athlete was escorted out of the Raw arena for the second time.

Being the second time that Lumis appears, just in a match in which AJ Styles is involved, it is very likely that the two have started a storyline for the McMahon-owned company that will evolve again in the coming weeks, waiting for Lumis to return to being a active wrestler also in the ring of the company, with a match between the two that therefore becomes an increasingly concrete possibility.

Recently, Indi Hartwell shared her honest thoughts on her on-screen wedding to Lumis: “I think my favorite part of it would definitely have to be the wedding because obviously wrestling weddings don’t usually go down without a hitch but this one, I think was perfect. There was a lot of characters, a lot of comedy and it had a really happy and satisfying ending."