Raw: Rhea Ripley surprised everyone

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Raw: Rhea Ripley surprised everyone

Welcome to another story from the latest episode of Raw. Let's begin! The episode opens with the entry of Judgment Day with Rhea Ripley saying that they are the masters of Monday Night Raw and then talking about the Mysterios, especially the fact that she destroyed Dominik's soul.

Then Balor says that the father and son will not be there tonight because they have been destroyed. Damian Priest inserts himself into the speech by asking the audience if they want to see a confrontation between them and Edge and the audience explodes, but the wrestler tells them that he is not there tonight and then sends him a message, practically saying that he will bury him in their match.

in Toronto, sending him into retirement. But eventually, the JD is interrupted by Rey Mysterio attacking them and Rhea provokes him by trying to get attacked while the Irishman tries to attack him with a chair, but the Mexican catches her and keeps beating the two men until Rhea gets in.

half, disarms him and then they beat him with the Australian who gives him a DDT before a nice Coup de grâce from Bálor. WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Tournament: Asuka & Alexa Bliss vs Doudrop & Nikki A.S.H.

Bianca Belair is also on ringside for the face team. The match is a very good couple match where Asuka and Alexa also prove to work well as a tag team and in general, the four wrestlers fight at a pace that is not boring and the audience is involved.

Meanwhile, Tamina and Dana Brooke watch them backstage. Eventually, with a combination of moves between Asuka and Alexa Bliss, the Japanese subdues Doudrop while Nikki is knocked out by her former tag team partner and Eva Marie's former associate gives in.

Asuka and Alexa continue their path in the tournament and next time they will face IYO SKY and Dakota Kai. While the two with Bianca are returning backstage they meet on stage with Bayley, IYO and Dakota and start yelling at each other, but the officers arrive to separate them.

Rhea Ripley shone

Rhea Ripley said that the trio were currently running RAW and that she was Dominik Mysterio's "Papi." Moving backstage Kevin Patrick welcomes Theory back after staying out of Summerslam where he failed his Money In The Bank briefcase cash-in.

He says that maybe he made a false step, but because of what happened it is certainly tougher and before he can continue, Dolph Ziggler arrives who interrupts him and brags instead of his cash, but Theory replies by insulting him and invites him to keep keeping his eyes on him because he won't mess up his career as he did and at that point the blonde attacks him and the two fight fiercely all the way backstage.

The Miz & Ciampa vs Mustafa Ali & Cedric Alexander Despite the clear difference in style between the two tag teams, they manage to fit together well and give real memorable sequences during the contest. At one point Ali gets distracted thinking The Miz is the legal man, but Ciampa has taken over and eventually knocks him down for a count of three.

Ezekiel's family We are shown a video of Kevin Owens’s attack on Ezekiel last week and then we move on to see him in a hospital bed with his family. But wait a moment - oh no! Someone here has watched too many Eddie Murphy movies because I know so much that all the members of the family are Elias in disguise.