Brandi Rhodes returns to the ring

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Brandi Rhodes returns to the ring

Brandi Rhodes worked for WWE as a ring announcer until 2016. Taking the name of Eden, she made her debut in this role during Wrestlemania 31, later becoming the backup ring announcer for Night Raw, while Lilian Monday Garcia was recovering.

from surgery. On May 24, 2016, she was granted her release from WWE, a few days after her husband Cody Rhodes requested her release. The two then, as we know, contributed to the founding of All Elite Wrestling and Brandi worked mostly behind the scenes, but every now and then she accompanied her husband to the ring as a manager and even fought sporadically in the rings of the company of the Khans.

She who knows what her possible role in WWE might be right now. We await further details on this possible return, bringing you the latest on it, given that for weeks there has been nothing but incessant rumors about her possible return to her ring, which apparently only arrived in the last few hours.

New details on Brandi Rhodes

In the last few hours, the well-known overseas site PW Insider wanted to confirm how the wife of the injured Cody Rhodes has officially returned to fight with WWE in her rings, in a live event held by the company at the Performance Center on Friday evening.

Regarding this topic, the Insider journalists have in fact stated: "Brandi Rhodes wrestled during a live event inside the WWE Performance Center. WWE NXT regularly holds its Friday live cards for development talent to give her a chance to improve and perform.

PW Insider confirmed that Rhodes worked in the ring in the last week but not in the match she was involved in. However, Rhodes is not currently in the WWE roster of NXT internally." Sean Ross Sapp added: "Brandi Rhodes was recently at the WWE Performance Center.

I haven't heard anything about her signing an agreement with the company, maybe she was just there for a visit. However, we were told that Brandi struggled in a PC match in a live event. We have no further details on the matter or new information to confirm anything else.

The event was staged on August 12th." In a recent interview with Muscle & Fitness, the 39-year-old said she hasn't decided on a promotion for her return. However, she is currently training for it. "I’m still training all of the time.

People can connect the dots and make of that what they will. I will tell you; I wouldn’t be training and getting beat up [laughs] just for the hell of it, so obviously I do plan to continue my in-ring career.