Kevin Owens wants the tag team titles

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Kevin Owens wants the tag team titles

In recent weeks, Kevin Owens has been on hold for some time due to an alleged "personal problem", with WWE having to do without his Prizefighter, during the last installments of the red show, but that seems to be likely to change soon.

According to the well-known journalist Sean Ross Sapp, it would appear that Triple H has big plans for his red show athlete, now that he has become the top executive for the creative side of WWE shows. As reported by the Fightful journalist, in fact: "This leaves us a lot of doubts as to where Owens was and what was happening with him.

With the repeated references over the years, it is very clear that Owens is a 'Triple H guy' and the fans are therefore expecting a good program for him. We haven't heard anything about injuries or anything like that. Instead, we were told that the creative team is preparing something really big for him, for the next period.

"So it seems that WWE has returned to focus strongly on its Canadian athlete, who in his last appearances on Raw has appeared much more convinced and solid than ever, even Monday night against Drew McIntyre, at the beginning of the show.

Kevin Owens wants the tag team titles

In his latest interview released to the TWC Show microphones, the WWE Prizefighter wanted to set his goals for the future, also talking about the world belts, which the Canadian would like to win with his long-time friend/foe, Sami Zayn, with Kevin Owens who in fact stated: "Of course.

I've never been a tag team champion. I would love to be tag team champion with anyone. Well, maybe not anyone. There are a couple of guys I would see good to win the Tag Team Titles with me, of course, Sami is first on the list.

That would be our last good moment together for us to file. We've been duo champions everywhere we've been, except WWE. We absolutely have to make sure we add this to the list as well, even soon enough." Vince Russo has speculated on the possible reason why Kevin Owens missed this week's episode of Monday Night RAW after SummerSlam.

"I think he's hurt or something, I don't know, I don't know. But bro, that's the thing. Bro, I cannot tell you how many times I worked with hurt wrestlers and it didn't matter, there's a million things they could do and not wrestle.

They don't disappear, you keep them active, you keep them alive, they don't just go away and then reappear," said Russo.