Becky Lynch optimistic about her injury

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Becky Lynch optimistic about her injury

During her last match at SummerSlam against Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, unfortunately, got injured, but despite everything, she continued the fight by taking her to the end like a true professional. Then, during the airing of Monday Night Raw the following Monday, Becky Lynch wanted to confirm that during her dispute her shoulder came out of her office, showing up with a brace on her right arm.

Despite this, however, she is continuing to train hard with the help of her husband, but also of her coaches with the Deadboys Fitness program, founded by her husband Seth Rollins and her friend Josh Gallegos.

The latest news on Becky Lynch

Yesterday Becky Lynch attended a live on Instagram with The Rock, Brian Gewirtz and Seth Rollins and during a conversation, the People's Champ asked her how she is doing with the shoulder.

This was the super positive response from the Irishman: "Oh well, yes yes, yes. I feel like I have a little more mobility because when it happened, it was so painful that I was like, 'Oh no, I'll be out for a long time.' And now it's healing very fast, I feel strong, I feel fine, so I hope it doesn't take much longer." In the same chat Becky also said that with the fact that she has more time to spend at home, she is devoting herself to writing her book, which should be an autobiography: "I hope to finish it in the next couple of months.

Now that I have a ' broken wing [arm not working ed.] I have a little more time to dedicate to him." Immediately after the official news of her injury, the former Raw champion tweeted: "The Man will be back soon," before adding: "And when she does, she'll brutally kick @itsBayleyWWE, @ImKingKota and @shirai_io." In fact, her absence was also a bit justified by a backstage attack by the new stable that has taken possession of practically the entire women's changing room on Raw, but we are sure that when The Man recovers, it will not be easy to manage by the three.

the anger she will vent on them, especially on his "partner" in the Four Horsewomen. Eric Bischoff had some massive praise for Lynch: "Just to watch Becky. And I say that I mean, she is the best character in wrestling right now.

I mean, she is so authentic. You know, I was thinking about this. It's funny you brought her name up. I was thinking about her a little while ago," stated Bischoff.