Rhea Ripley is trying to drive fans crazy


Rhea Ripley is trying to drive fans crazy

Rhea Ripley has always been a girl who has somehow managed to draw attention to herself, for her beauty, but also because she is very particular and people are intrigued by her, with the wrestler who is often also known by the people who do not follow wrestling.

In recent months, however, things have become much more interesting for her, because it has been for some time, also thanks to a change in her look that has made her feel more and more at ease, that many people find her particularly attractive.

It all started even more when she and Liv Morgan were a tag team, with many fans who even saw them well together precisely because Rhea has this "daddy" energy, as the Americans would say and it is no less when in her presence.

there are other men too.

What's next for Rhea Ripley?

At this moment, along with Judgment Day, the Australian wrestler is in a feud with the Mysterios and is having fun tormenting the poor and defenceless Dominik, who, however, according to many, is living the dream of those who would like to suffer certain things from the toned physique of Rhea Ripley, so much so that several memes are being born and the internet has literally gone crazy.

During a chat with Sportskeeda colleagues, her close friend and stable partner Damian Priest revealed that many of the actions Rhea is taking are purposely done to ignite that part of the fanbase that we say pushes the boundaries a bit and that she defines "creep fanbase." In particular, the segment of Rhea that strangled Dominik with his legs from the stake is analyzed.

"We talked a lot about that we wanted to do it, especially Rhea, she was like, 'Oh my God, my creep fanbase is going crazy about this.' We knew what was going to happen! They did it [the fans went crazy]. The next day, we laughed hysterically.

She was like, 'Yeah, basically what we thought would happen. I knew it!' She was like, 'Let's do this and give them something to talk about,' which is what we're trying to do anyway, make sure people talk about us tomorrow, next week, next year.

This is the goal, right? And we do it cool. And she did, we did our thing. She choked him. We are telling a story, but there is also the other side where we do something that will attract more attention." Damian Priest has provided an insight into Rhea Ripley’s thoughts about a recent WWE RAW moment that got the internet talking.

“That was one of those that we talked about what we wanted to do, especially Rhea, she was like, ‘Oh my God, my creep fanbase are gonna go crazy over this,’” Priest said. “We knew what was gonna happen! They did [fans went crazy]."

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