Bobby Fish on Triple H: I would go to war for him seven days a week

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Bobby Fish on Triple H: I would go to war for him seven days a week

Ever since Triple H took over the company, there have been rumors of big changes. What fans want most is the return of certain wrestlers, but also changes in terms of matches and the story behind them. Triple H will have a big responsibility in front of him and that is to fulfill the expectations of the fans.

It won't be easy to succeed Vince McMahon and pick up where Vince left off. Speaking to K&S WrestleFest, wrestling legend Bobby Fish confirmed that he thinks this is a great thing. Fish expects Triple H to revive WWE. What is interesting though is that Bobby is ready to do anything for Triple H.

"I think Triple H running creative is great for everybody involved," Fish told K&S WrestleFest, as quoted by Wrestling Inc. "I have nothing but, you know, proud memories of my time working for that man, and you know, I would go to war for him seven days a week, he was awesome to work for."

Bobby Fish on Triple H

Fish was a part of NXT before being fired in 2021.

Fish believes that Triple H is thinking ahead and has long-term plans. Triple H plans to bring some names into the organization and make a real show with them. It is still unknown who it is, but we have no doubts about Triple H's choice.

"He had pieces in place for a reason, I think he had a concept moving forward, and I think he's a forward thinker when it comes to booking," Bobby Fish said. "There was reason then to why those people were hired, and I'm sure there's reason now as to why they've been hired again.

I'm sure he has a plan for these people, and that's what makes him as good and as effective at his job as he is."