Jericho Not Allowed to Invite WWE Stars

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Jericho Not Allowed to Invite WWE Stars

The WWE is the largest wrestling promotion of the world, and has produced some fantastic heel wrestlers over the past few years. Some of their wrestlers have worked with them for years, before leaving the promotion to try their luck elsewhere.

Chris Jericho was one of WWE’s most recognized wrestlers. He worked for the WWE for many years. He was the promotions first Undisputed Champion and was one of the best heel wrestlers that the WWE has ever produced. Now Chris Jericho is a part of All Elite Wrestling, a promotion that some say will rival the WWE.

Jericho stated on his podcast that he is no longer allowed to have WWE stars on his podcast called, Talk is Jericho. "I on the other hand am not going to be [at WrestleMania 35], as I am banned," Jericho joked. "I don't think I am necessarily banned from the WWE, I don't think that's the case at all, but I know I'm not allowed to have any WWE guests on Talk is Jericho.

Yeah, that was told to me from a very high source that it would not be appropriate because I am now with AEW. "So, this is officially the WrestleMania Preview that the WWE doesn't want you to hear. ... It's one of those things where there's certain rules that play now. I'm assuming I'm allowed to watch WrestleMania."