Brian Gewirtz on the new WWE era: "I can't even imagine what it must be like.."

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Brian Gewirtz on the new WWE era: "I can't even imagine what it must be like.."

Since the arrival of Triple H at the head of the WWE in the last few days, comments regarding him handling the job have not stopped. There are many former wrestling stars, as well as current ones, who gave their opinion about Triple H.

Most believe that Triple H will do the job in a great way and make WWE even stronger. Brian Gewirtz is one of those who thinks that it will be a difficult task for Triple H considering the responsibility and the amount of work.

"Oh my God, I can't even imagine what it must be like in that company," former WWE head writer Brian Gewirtz told Wrestling Inc. Gewirtz, however, considers the fact that one person is running the WWE a good thing. Triple H will have to make certain decisions that may not be popular, but that's what this job entails.

"Pitching to just one particular person and having everything funneled through that one person, you know, that's arguably one of the big advantages WWE has had is you always know where the buck stops," Gewirtz continued.

Brian Gewirtz: "I wonder, is there.."

Triple H is a man with a lot of experience. It is no wonder why he was chosen for this position. "It's Triple H, who's as seeped into that culture and as big a fan of wrestling as anybody there." Brian Gewirtz does analysis while watching WWE.

His biggest focus is still on the job he had in the organization. Gewirtz notices many things. "[I'm] like, 'Wow, I wonder, is there a long gap as we wait for the meeting to start, or are you just seeing that person right away? Are things signed off on much, much earlier and you can start writing the script sooner? Is it reviewed before you actually get to TV? Sometimes in my day, sometimes it was, sometimes it wasn't."