Tom Prichard comments on Triple H's new role

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Tom Prichard comments on Triple H's new role

A series of major upheavals have changed WWE’s organization chart. Vince McMahon's sensational farewell has generated a chain reaction, destined to continue in the coming months. The now former Chairman of the company has decided to step aside, after being overwhelmed by some heavy allegations of misconduct.

His right-hand man John Laurinaitis was also banned from the Stamford-based federation. Vince's place was taken by his daughter Stephanie and Nick Khan, while Triple H was put in charge of the creative team. The 14-time world champion, who retired from wrestling wrestling shortly before WrestleMania 38, has already shown he can do it backstage.

The Game was the main architect of the 'NXT miracle', making the 'Black and Gold' brand a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows. Several superstars have made their return to the company, including Dakota Kai, Karrion Kross and Scarlett.

On Sportskeeda's microphones, Tom Prichard expressed his opinion on the latest events.

Tom Prichard on Triple H

“So far everything is going well. I hope WWE will pick up their product in the months to come. Triple H is an old school man, he will have no prejudice towards anyone.

He will do what is best for the business and for the company. Even though it's only been a few weeks, he has already made some small but important changes. Hunter is an intelligent person, who loves wrestling and knows it well” - Tom Prichard analyzed.

Former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo disagrees: “Regardless of what they say and do, I will never believe Vince McMahon has retired. The reason why I am so firmly convinced of what I say is that I worked closely with that man.

I know his way of thinking and his work ethic. I know he has nothing else in life besides wrestling. Those people who do not know him and know nothing about him can believe in his retirement”. Vince Russo gave his take on Triple H's booking and whether anything has changed since Vince McMahon left the helm last month.

"Wait till Monday Night Football starts. Wait till Monday Night Football starts and the party's over. It is over. Triple H's party is over. There were a million times, during this show where the audience watching at home would have turned over to a football game, a million times.

All I'm seeing is longer matches. There are still no stories. That's not writing. Will you stop with the love for Triple H? Come on man, that is not writing. He's doing the same thing Vince was doing, he's just injecting new blood, new people into the product."