Edge remembers his resounding return in 2020

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Edge remembers his resounding return in 2020

Edge is counted among the best superstars of the modern era. 'The Rated-R Superstar' has had a fabulous career in WWE, albeit partially injured. The 48-year-old Canadian is one of the most titled performers of any era, having won a total of 31 titles.

In addition to being an eleven-time world champion and a fourteen-time duo champion, he has won the Intercontinental title five times and the United States Championship once. As if that weren't enough, he won the 2001 edition of the 'King of the Ring' tournament, the 2005 edition of Money in the Bank and two editions of the Royal Rumble (in 2010 and 2021).

His career seemed to come to an end in April 2011 due to a serious injury. Against all odds, Edge made it back to the ring nine years later and picked up where he left off. In a lengthy interview granted to 'Fox News Digital', the former heavyweight champion recalled his resounding return to the 2020 Royal Rumble.

Edge on his WWE return

“I remember we tried to keep the news of my return to the ring as secret as possible. I knew the WWE Universe would be left speechless. Although I expected it, I was still not ready to handle that kind of reaction from the fans.

I felt an emotion that I can't even describe. I felt like I was struck by lightning, in a good way of course,” said Edge. Guest in the latest edition of 'Steven' s Wrestling Journey ', the Orangeville champion spoke of his future: "I will not fight for another ten years, that's for sure.

I think it won't even be five. Maybe I could get to three if my physique is kind. To be honest, I don't think my career is going to last much longer. I am aware that the window is getting smaller and smaller." After being kicked out of Judgment Day on June 6, Edge returned as a babyface to SummerSlam to take revenge on Finn Balor and Damian Priest.

There are rumors of a possible alliance between him and the 'Mysterios' Edge was asked if he has a timeline as to when he will walk away from the ring. "You know, that's the hard part. That's the hard part to say. What I will say is I'll be gone before a young talent looks at the sheet and goes, 'This is going to be difficult.'

I don't want to be that guy. I want to be the guy that a young talent looks at and goes, 'Oh, man... I get to get in there with him and feel what this is like.' "