Gunther wants a new opponent

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Gunther wants a new opponent

According to what was reported by the well-known site WrestleVotes during the last few days, after seeing the match of July 4th in the rings of Monday Night Raw of the Intercontinental champion of the moment in WWE, Gunther, Vince McMahon would have discussed with his creative team to bury the same athlete, as he would not have been happy with his in-ring performance, so if Vince had remained in command of the company, the wrestler would most likely have been literally buried by the booking team.

In their latest update, the journalists of the well-known overseas site reported: "Following the performance on Raw on July 4th, whoever was in charge at the time started ranting against Gunther for truly ridiculous reasons.

At that point, it was even planned to bury him on TV in the weeks to come. Just a month later, there is a small difference." Thanks to Triple H's arrival at the helm of the creative team, therefore, Gunther like many other athletes saved their careers in the McMahon company, with the old CEO making the square.

clean of dozens and dozens of athletes for some time.

Gunther has great ambitions

After starting his reign as Intercontinental champion at Smackdown just a few weeks ago, with the Austrian athlete beating Ricochet, snatching him the secondary title of the blue show, it seems that Gunther has targeted the currently most prominent Superstar of the whole.

company: WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns. In his latest interview with WittyWhittier, the WWE Intercontinental Champion answered the fateful question that is always asked of every wrestler, which is "Which great opponent would you like to face in WWE?" To this question, Gunther replied: "I don't have a list for that, but I'll say Roman Reigns.

Yes." The Smackdown main event, after the return of Karrion Kross and the no. 1 contendership snatched by Drew McIntyre from Sheamus a few weeks ago, already seems too crowded, but in some time it could also be a reality to see the Austrian champion against the WWE Tribal Chief, in a no holds barred battle.

Intercontinental Champion Gunther recently sent a message following WWE's massive announcement of their new brand, NXT Europe. "The whole of Europe has a rich history of Pro Wrestling. In the last decade, a lot of people have unselfishly put in the work to revive this great sport at our doorsteps. I'm excited for the talent and fans," tweeted Gunther.