Latest update on Vince McMahon's saga

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Latest update on Vince McMahon's saga

Rumors of Vince McMahon's allegations continue. Now, it appears that Vince McMahon has made unregistered donations to the now defunct Donald J. Trump Foundation. Despite his retirement from WWE, the controversy surrounding the now-former president of the federation shows no sign of leaving.

The latest Wall Street Journal report confirmed that Vince McMahon paid a total of $5 million to Donald Trump's charity in 2007 and 2009. The payments were part of the $19.6 million unrecorded by WWE.

New details on Vince McMahon

People familiar with the investigation undertaken by the WWE board of directors said the $ 5 million represented charitable donations to the now dissolved Donald J.

Trump Foundation. The payments were made in the same years Trump appeared on WWE television. In 2007, Donald Trump appeared on WrestleMania 23 while in 2009 he took control of Monday Night Raw before reselling everything to Vince McMahon.

One person who reviewed Trump's contract for his WrestleMania appearance noted that the former US president ordered McMahon to send a $ 4 million appearance fee to charity. Incredibly, the contract would also have prevented Trump from getting his head shaved under any circumstances, even if his rep Bobby Lashley fell in the ring.

After the event, Trump boasted that he received a bonus worth one million due to the success of the event. WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt did not dispute that the payments had been made but criticized the fact that the million dollar was just a bonus.

Prior to his retirement, Mr. McMahon had been targeted following a series of serious misconduct allegations. The allegations include payments of millions of dollars to former female employees with whom he has had some relationships.

Recently, however, WWE revealed that the investigation into Vince McMahon is largely complete and over. WWE released a statement regarding the scandal during its quarterly report to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

"We did not maintain effective risk assessment based on the criteria established in the COSO framework which resulted in deficiencies in principles associated with risk assessment. Specifically, these control deficiencies constitute material weaknesses, either individually or in the aggregate, relating to: identifying and analyzing risks to the achievement of objectives across the entity." - WWE's quarterly report to the SEC.

During the media scrum before SummerSlam, Triple H talked about how it would take everyone to successfully continue Vince McMahon's legacy. “The only way we’re going to [take WWE beyond where it is now] is with a team. That’s with Steph, that’s with Nick Khan... with Kevin Dunn... with everybody that is here."