Latest news on Clash at the Castle

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Latest news on Clash at the Castle

WWE announced via a statement on its website a few months ago that the premium live event to be held on Saturday 3 September at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales, will be called Clash at the Castle, with the Stamford-based company he also registered the trademark shortly before.

This ppv had been in the air for some years now, or since the McMahon-owned company had decided to stage a great event on European soil, to please fans of the company who insisted to have a big paid event on English or European soil, with the last WWE PPV arriving in the UK which was Summerslam in 1992.

After seeing an incredible edition of the McMahon company's quintessential summer show, European fans were no longer given the opportunity to see the company's Superstars in a show other than a simple weekly TV tapings or a live event of the company.

company not even filmed, so the WWE has decided to opt for this great event, to satisfy even its European fans.

Clash at the Castle will air from the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

Clash at the Castle will air from the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

According to what Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer said in the last few hours, it seems that WWE has received a large enough sum of money from the city of Cardiff to keep its ppv there and not in London. In his speech, Meltzer said in fact: "They also mentioned that with Cardiff, not only have they got good ticket sales, but the city of Cardiff is currently paying them to go there.

Which is probably why they went to Cardiff and not London. And they're working on it, to make it the biggest show of the year, to do what they do with Wrestlemania, which is essentially getting offers from the cities. So say you want Summerslam, say you want Royal Rumble, WWE will prefer Houston, Texas instead, because they feel that instead of a market selling 30000-40000 tickets, they will pick a stadium - but they want a city that pays them.

to take them there because they bring tourism and things like that to the city. So the idea is that the bigger the show goes on, the more they'll keep trying to do that with the cities." In a recent interview with Inside the Ropes, AJ was asked about the upcoming premium live event and seemed to hint that he might not be a part of the show: "I would love to put on a show.

I don't know that I have a story or anything and it's a shame," said Styles. "There are plenty of other performers that have great stories, so I'm not saddened by the fact that I won't be there because I know you guys are going to have such a great night with so many great matches."