Charlotte Flair Speaks About Sasha Banks and Naomi's Walkout

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Charlotte Flair Speaks About Sasha Banks and Naomi's Walkout

Charlotte Flair is the daughter of legendary Hall of Famer, Ric Flair and she is one of WWE’s most popular female superstars. Charlotte has won many titles during her WWE career. She was also at one time Sasha Banks’ number 1 rival.

Charlotte has met Sasha inside Hell in a Cell. They were the women that helped lift the WWE Women’s division to a level greater than it had ever been after some popular superstars such as AJ Lee and Paige left the WWE.

Even though Charlotte has achieved a lot in the WWE, she is still primarily known for being the daughter of Ric Flair, who was at one time the most popular wrestler in the world.

Charlotte Flair Talks About Fighting Naomi and Sasha Banks

Charlotte recently appeared at ‘The Broken Skull Sessions’ recently.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is the host of the podcast. He himself is a legendary WWE performer and the person that actually helped the WWE win the Monday Night Wars according to many people. Over there she spoke about the infamous Sasha Banks and Naomi walkout.

This was Sasha Banks’ second WWE walkout. It happened on the 16th of May, 2022. Banks and Naomi were at that time the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. They relinquished their title before the walkout, obviously. Many thought that they actually quit the WWE for real.

But this doesn’t seem to be the case and so far, we haven’t seen WWE officially say that they have released them. The last time we saw Sasha on WWE TV was back on the 8th of May, 2022. They appeared during a WWE PPV event called Backlash.

“What I can say is I can never imagine never wrestling Sasha again," Charlotte said. "We started together," Flair said. "She's my Ricky Steamboat." Ricky Steamboat was mentioned because her father, Ric Flair, considers Ricky to be his greatest rival.

Charlotte continued to reveal that it is not just Sasha that she misses. In the past, she has also fought Naomi and Charlotte revealed that she cannot imagine never being able to wrestle her again. "We just had a hell of a match on SmackDown and I'm like, 'Oh there's unfinished business there because of circumstances and storylines.'

" Flair said, referring to her fight with Naomi on the 11th of February. At that time, Charlotte was the Smackdown Women’s Champion and she was actually defending her title at that time. She then fought Naomi a few times during live events.

"I just can't imagine not working with them," Charlotte Flair concluded. "But in terms of what they're going through, it's not my place to speak on behalf of the company or for them, because I'm not there right now."