Road Dogg reveals why he stopped fighting

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Road Dogg reveals why he stopped fighting

Road Dogg unveiled in one of his latest interviews that he begged AEW president Tony Khan to be hired in order to try and help him with what scares him on the shows of the number two company in the world. In recent weeks, the Hall of Famer WWE Road Dogg has been anything but flattering to AEW.

In an interview, the Attitude Era star stated that the cards are simply an independent show filmed by cameras, thus throwing not a small dig at the federation's storytelling. Road Dogg doubled down on criticism as he discussed a possible return to WWE.

After finishing his career in the ring, Road Dogg worked backstage with WWE in various roles, including writer on SmackDown and then road agent and executive at NXT. The star was released in January 2022 along with a number of prominent NXT figures such as William Regal, Samoa Joe, and Dave Kapoor.

Road Dogg worked in WWE for a long time

In his latest interview with Sportskeeda's The Wrestling Outlaws, the WWE Hall of Famer wanted to talk about what was the detail that made him realize it was time to stop fighting in his last stint in WWE just before Wrestlemania 30.

In his speech, Brian James, Road Dogg's real name, said: "Once we lost the titles with the Usos, they kept wanting to book us. I went to Hunter and Vince together and I said 'I can't do this anymore.' I felt like I was slowing down the people who were with me in the ring.

I can't find another word: he disgusted me. I was like 'Oh God, don't do this, don't be this, don't be that kind of person." As old age began to advance, Road Dogg realized that his in-ring performance was noticeably worse than when he was young, so he decided to quit wrestling, permanently hanging up his boots and staying in the company.

with a managerial role, until his release. Road Dogg also believes that Aew fumbled the ball with a top star's recent booking. "I wasn't a fan either man, it took him 18 minutes... You know they gave him the jabroni title, it doesn't mean nothing.

When he was a guy that was really, it seemed like he was, 'The guy' You know what I mean? And maybe he is in the future. I just don't think you needed to give him that, other than, the best title for that. (...) And I think taking him 18 minutes to beat the jokey guy... I get it the guy is over..."

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