Shawn Michaels takes on a new role

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Shawn Michaels takes on a new role

In recent months, WWE had gone on to release several NXT talents, with the now former Chairman Vince Mcmahon having decided to embark on a completely different journey and job with his WWE's third roster than the work his son-in-law Triple H had put in, in recent years.

Among the many fired, there was also the management of NXT in the middle, with the likes of Samoa Joe, Dave Kapoor, Road Dogg and William Regal who were all fired overnight, because the WWE Chairman wanted a new spirit, new lifeblood for his color show, but now back under the creative control of the Triple.

After Vince McMahon's farewell to the company, HHH has begun to sign several NXT and main roster athletes who instead the old Chairman had torpedoed, as seen in recent weeks, except for some athletes who have already signed with the Aew, while instead, the only one who remained firm in his place in the management of NXT was Shawn Michaels, who had managed to "survive" the revolution brought to the third WWE brand.

In the last few hours, news has surfaced that Triple H has decided to give his longtime friend HBK a new role backstage at WWE, with his role being pivotal to the creative side of WWE's development sector.

Backstage news on Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels will in fact hold the role of WWE Vice President of Creative Talent Development and therefore will be his right-hand man in the development sector, therefore NXT and all that follows.

With a tweet, the well-known WrestleNomics journalist, Brandon Thurston, wanted to say: "Shawn Michaels is now named in the latest press releases as WWE Vice President of Creative Talent Development, the first time I've seen this kind of title for him." After years in the backstage of NXT, then comes a well-defined role for the WWE HeartBreak Kid, who has been instrumental in maintaining NXT since Triple H fell ill until today, having to manage everything almost completely alone.

Recently, WWE's PR account on Twitter announced that Shawn Michaels confirmed the launch of NXT Europe. The veteran exclusively spoke to Metro UK about the ground-breaking development and noted:` "It’s just a natural expansion of things because that brand, since 2016, has been fantastic.

Yes, it’s been quiet and underneath the radar, but I don’t think you’ll find anybody that wouldn’t argue that it’s been a real quality product from its existence."

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