Becky Lynch talks about her creative freedom

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Becky Lynch talks about her creative freedom

Becky Lynch replied, sitting next to her husband Seth Rollins: "Luckily for me, it's not like that, and it's not like this guy [Seth Rollins]. We get a promo, and sometimes there will be jokes you have to say, and often they'll be jokes that make you say, 'It doesn't sound like something she'd say." Most of the time, we've gotten to the point where we've gotten enough fairness, and we've gotten enough confidence that we can write our own promos." Becky also added that it is usually a collaborative process in which if he feels comfortable with a writer, the two will have a professional confrontation to try to improve the promo as much as possible: "When there is fairness, it becomes everything.

more collaborative that way. I think the first time... when I arrived, I was too afraid to say something out of place. I was like, 'Oh, these are the words on the page. I have to say every single word exactly as it is on the page.

Fortunately, this is no longer the case."

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In the same chat, Becky Lynch also wanted to give fans a small positive update regarding her current physical condition as she was knocked out by a shoulder injury during her match against Bianca Belair at SummerSlam, where between other things for her are back as they were before because she brought The Man back to us.

For years WWE has been giving their wrestlers a script to follow with all the promos written word for word, part of the entertainment side of the job, but it seems that recently, under the guidance of Triple H, things have changed, at least as reported by PWInsider.

Becky Lynch spoke about it during a recent live on Instagram together with former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz who asked her exactly what the situation was that has arisen around the promos recently. Meanwhile, Eric Bischoff had some massive praise for Becky Lynch: "Just to watch Becky.

And I say that I mean, she is the best character in wrestling right now. I mean, she is so authentic. You know, I was thinking about this. It's funny you brought her name up. I was thinking about her a little while ago," stated Bischoff.

"Somebody asked me a question; it was in an earlier interview about what's missing? Why doesn't wrestling feel the way it felt before. I think it's authenticity. There are so very few authentic-feeling characters, especially in WWE, because everything is so well-crafted and polished, except for Becky."

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