Gunther analyzes his path in WWE

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Gunther analyzes his path in WWE

Speaking to WittyWhittier's YouTube channel, Gunther described what it was really like to come to WWE and make the journey he has come, including his move from NXT UK, which will now become NXT Europe, to the main roster.

The wrestler signed with WWE in 2019, after having made a good journey in the indies and since then his career has gone increasingly uphill, first as leader of the IMPERIUM at NXT and then now as a wrestler who dominates in the main roster with the intercontinental champion belt.

"It's been very good so far [Gunther's WWE experience]. I signed with the company in 2019 for NXT UK and yes, I can't complain. It's been really cool. I'm still basically myself compared to the person I was before in the independent, I'm still myself, I've always been treated with respect and I've always had the freedom to be more or less myself and yes, that's still the case today."

What's next for Gunther?

Continuing his chat, Gunther wanted to talk about what the experience of working during the COVID pandemic was like for him, which as you know completely emptied the arenas.

"I have to say, for me, I have to say I enjoyed those events we had in the empty arenas. During that time, I was at NXT UK and for, I think it was at least ... I'm not good at remembering time slots and things so, so I'd say it's been at least a year, maybe a little longer.

Our shows took place in an empty building and were recorded in an empty building. But I liked that atmosphere, it was different and for the style I have, a very physical style in the ring, I think I benefited a lot. But, finally being back in an arena with an audience and having that feeling back is definitely, yes, the preferred choice I'd say." Thankfully things are fine for him now since Vince Mcmahon is said to have wanted to bury him when he was still in charge.

Intercontinental Champion Gunther recently sent a message following WWE's massive announcement of their new brand, NXT Europe. Gunther added that he's excited for both fans and talents for what lies ahead. "The whole of Europe has a rich history of Pro Wrestling.

In the last decade, a lot of people have unselfishly put in the work to revive this great sport at our doorsteps. I'm excited for the talent and fans," tweeted Gunther.

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