Gable Steveson's WWE debut may be close

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Gable Steveson's WWE debut may be close

He hasn't officially debuted in the ring yet, but insiders have high hopes for Gable Steveson, winner of the Olympic gold medal like Kurt Angle did at the 1996 Atlanta Games. Steveson is also a two-time NCAA Heavyweight Champion and, having dominated the wrestling world, could do great things in the world of Wrestling.

Gable recently teased fans on social media with some photos from his workout. In addition to the caption, what has caught the attention of fans is the fact that he is training with Ken Anderson aka Ken Kennedy, former WWE United States Champion, within his school The Academy: School of Professional Wrestling.

The photos were posted on Instagram with the following message: "I've been very active ... my time will come soon! #Raw."

Gable Steveson is training with Ken Anderson

Many thought his wrestling career ended in March, but he can still be named.

The announcement of his signing with WWE took place in 2021 and had also been moved to Raw as part of the draft, but without appearing on screens. Gable Steveson, let's remember, signed with WWE at just 21. However, fans got a taste of what he is capable of at Wrestlemania 38 when he knocked out Chad Gable with a massive belly-to-belly suplex.

The segment quickly went viral. In recent months, the gold medal has also been practiced with interviews, even receiving compliments from Brock Lesnar. "The Beast" wasn't the only one to praise him. Kurt Angle also wanted to praise Gable Steveson, even proposing himself as his manager.

If he can truly meet the expectations of fans and insiders, WWE will find another megastar to lead the Company for years to come. Chael Sonnen believes Gable Steveson could follow in the footsteps of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

"He took Gable under his wing and vice versa. Even though Gable was a young guy, Brock was in there to get workouts because he's got the absolute best guy, not to mention it's the same weight class. You can see where these two are going to form a bond to some extent.

I don't know that Brock is Gable's idol but I could guess. I bet you. I'm close. You know when a guy is older when a guy has achieved what you want to achieve. Brock was an undefeated NCAA champion."

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