Unexpected news for The Usos

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Unexpected news for The Usos

Roman Reigns became Universal Champion thanks to his triumph on August 30, 2020 in the WWE Pay per View of PAYBACK (thanks to The Usos). The unstoppable wrestler managed to win in a Triple Threat Match against the version "The Fiend" of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman, wrestlers who are now no longer even present in the company because they were fired by former Chairman Vince McMahon in different situations.

It's been 700 days and the race with the title of Reigns has now entered the history of this business. Several athletes have tried to end the wrestler's reign, but the Tribal Chief has beaten almost everyone on the show, both on Raw and Smackdown.

There won't be much more left without doing anything at the Head of The Table. It has already been made official that the wrestler will have to defend his kingdom at the Clash at the Castle, a PPV to be held in the United Kingdom (and precisely in Cardiff) on 3 September 2022, where there will be staged other great matches like the one made official tonight at Smackdown with Sheamus who will try to snatch the Intercontinental title from champion Gunther.

Roman Reigns and The Usos have dominated the WWE landscape, becoming the biggest faction in the company now. As you may have seen in the Friday Night Smackdown episode that aired this Friday on FOX television screens, Roman Reigns appeared alone in front of the company's cameras, without his cousins accompanying him.

Latest update on The Usos

Only in one juncture, Roman was framed with Sami Zayn, who has been trying to get Bloodline to join the team for weeks. Apparently, according to an indiscretion reported by various sites in the sector, including Ringside News, it seems that The Usos might not have had the green light to enter Canada due to the DUI (driving in an impaired state) charges hanging over the head of Jimmy Uso from the United States of America.

Many other wrestlers, in the past, have not received the OK from the Canadian government to enter the state, for the same problems, as Jeff Hardy or Alberto Del Rio and therefore had to stay in the USA, until the WWE did not return.

As it was tonight's episode aired from Montreal, it is therefore likely that WWE had to do without both champions, not being able to bring one with them.

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