New details on Trish Stratus' future

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show

by Simone Brugnoli
New details on Trish Stratus' future

On Tuesday we reported how the WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus will return to be part of two WWE live events on the days of August 20 and 21, or today and tomorrow. In the announcement posted on the Twitter account of the same athlete, Trish in fact wrote only a few hours ago: "Guess who is returning to WWE live events this weekend!!

Come and see Kevin Owens, Dominik Mysterio, Alexa Bliss and all your favorites. Well, someone has to come and keep control of the situation..." Obviously, Trish Stratus will be part of the WWE events because the company will stop in Canada, the athlete's hometown, as well as the country where former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar now also resides, for some years now.

After seeing a back and forth with Bayley, who wanted to make fun of the WWE Canadian, tonight at Friday Night Smackdown, Trish's umpteenth appearance in the WWE rings was announced, but this time not in a house show not filmed by cameras, but in a very important television taping: that of Monday Night Raw.

Trish Stratus will appear on Raw

During the episode of the blue show that aired tonight, WWE wanted to announce how its former historic world champion of the late 90s and early 2000s, Trish Stratus, will be an integral part of Monday Night Raw, next Monday.

After appearances of Saturday Night's Main Event in Kingston, Ontario tonight and after the Sunday Stunner show in London, also in Ontario, tomorrow, Trish will also be on Monday's flag show. In addition to the appearance of Trish, there are already some matches for the evening advertised, but let's see the partial lineup that WWE has already wanted to branch out on its social networks: - Dakota Kai & IYO SKY vs Asuka and Alexa Bliss - for Woman's Tag Team Championship Tournament Semi-Final - Edge vs Damian Priest - Trish Stratus will make a special appearance.

When asked if she'd be willing to return to WWE as the General Manager of RAW or SmackDown, Stratus confirmed that she would be interested in more than just that: "Do I want to be GM? I would gladly accept that role," Trish Stratus said.

"I always think — like I said, to go back, it has to be something challenging, something different, something different for you guys. You know, you just don’t wanna see me being a babyface, kicking butt, winning championships, boring, right guys? (...) What do you guys want?"

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