Backstage news on Tegan Nox's future

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Backstage news on Tegan Nox's future

Former WWE Superstar, Tegan Nox remained one of the few wrestlers released by the Stamford federation who has not yet fought in another company. In an interview, the girl explained all the reasons she has for not doing it yet.

The Girl With The Shiniest Wizard was released by WWE last November, ending her four-and-a-half-year stint with the federation. Unfortunately, much of this time was spent with an injury, but that's not why she hasn't been fighting for nearly a year.

In fact, she is currently not legally allowed to fight.

The latest news on Tegan Nox

Speaking on the Sappening podcast, Tegan Nox explained how the physical problems she has prevented her from going back to fighting on the square but not only: “Basically, I have not returned to fighting as I still do not have the authorization and I cannot.

I keep getting messages like 'Are you withdrawn?' No, it's just that I can't but I haven't retired. It's just that I just can't. I relaxed at home for a long time, playing video games. I went to the Sad Summer Fest a couple of weeks ago which was phenomenal.

Now I'm just chilling with my dogs and friends. The usual things I can do without working." Tegan Nox was reported to have signed a deal with WWE in April 2017, although a sprained knee ligament prevented him from entering the inaugural Mae Young Classic.

A second injury also came during the 2018 Mae Young Classic. Nox is best remembered for her tag team and her subsequent feud with Dakota Kai, with her turn at NXT TakeOver: WarGames 2019 defined by many as one of the best in the show's history.

The match was then won by Dakota Kai. Before WWE however, the girl who fought for Nixon Newell's ring name in the independent federations was one of the best stars on the British circuit and dominated many matches in both PROGRESS Wrestling and ATTACK Pro Wrestling.

Speaking to Chris Denker on the Into the Danger Zone podcast, Tegan Nox spoke highly of her time on NXT, specifically her feud with Dakota Kai, besides noting she had an underwhelming run: “With all the knee surgeries and stuff, I never felt like I got a good run in NXT," said Nox.

"I was enjoying my time in NXT. My feud with Dakota is probably my favorite wrestling situation I’ve ever been involved in. It was so much fun”.