Shotzi disappears from social networks

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Shotzi disappears from social networks

Over the last few days, Shotzi and Liv Morgan have been the protagonists of a "Twitter War" where they exchanged vitriolic words. Shotzi even accused SmackDown Women's Champion of faking her arm injury and causing Ruby Riott (now Ruby Soho in AEW) to be fired from WWE.

Her words that some fans did not like. The two met last night during the blue show and the winner was Liv Morgan. The champion, however, did not have the opportunity to celebrate because post-match, she was attacked by Shayna Baszler, her challenger in Clash at the Castle.

In the meantime, Shotzi has decided to delete her Twitter profile, but the real reasons behind her choice are not known. It is not, however, the first time this has happened: in July the poor Shotzi had been targeted by several fans of the company, with such characters who even wanted the dismissal of the girl from the company of Stamford, accusing her of repeated botches arrived in the Money in the Bank Ladder match of the WWE ppv of the same name.

Shotzi removes her Twitter account

Shotzi had responded in kind to her haters, explaining how in the end no one was hurt, that her colleagues were not angry with her and that all human beings can make mistakes. She then proceeded to delete her Twitter profile and then return to activity.

Unfortunately 2022 was not kind to the former NXT star: in January, in fact, her father passed away, the most important figure in her life that she wanted to pay homage with a post on Instagram. With Triple H in command of the creative department in WWE, however, Shotzi could return to the glory of NXT and bring back the entrance with the mini tank.

At the moment it should be noted that, despite the cancellation of the Twitter profile, her Instagram account still remains active. In a recent video for Mondragon Chiropractic, the green-haired superstar shed light on the reason for her absence: “Right now, my lower back (hurts)," Shotzi said.

"I actually got x-rays on it. It’s nothing crazy, but they said that my pelvic bone is tilted forward. They’ve been giving me rehab exercises and stuff. I’m way better than a month ago, for sure,” Shotzi added.

“Ten. It was pretty bad. I had a match and then I woke up the next morning and it was really hard for me to get up. I slid off of the bed onto the floor and I couldn’t even put pressure on my knees or crawl. I’ve been off for a little bit”.

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