WWE is preparing for another big change

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WWE is preparing for another big change

A few weeks ago we reported how the well-known journalist Andrew Zarian had confirmed that from the episode of Monday 18 July of Monday Night Raw, WWE would return after years to TV-14, or a product dedicated to teenagers and adults and no longer to 'whole family, as happened from 2008 onwards when WWE had become TV-PG or a product also for children and therefore accessible to all.

In Zarian's confirmation, we read: "Starting July 18, WWE Raw will have a TV-14 rating going forward on USA Network. The PG Era is over." Apparently, however, the well-known overseas journalist had spoken too soon, because in WWE this decision had not yet been taken, since it was not only the board of directors who needed to decide but also the various partners of the company.

Apparently, the pressure on this was given by USA Network, the TV station that has been broadcasting Monday Night Raw for years, which had already asked WWE months ago to return to a more adult show, to try to increase ratings, at the top of the US demographic.

WWE wants TV-14 back

Apparently, according to what was reported in the last hours by the well-known F4WOnline, through the words of the journalist Bryan Alvarez, the WWE had to eliminate several fan choirs from NXT Heatwave, since with the TV-PG they were not allowed on TV.

This could therefore be one of the biggest elements that could push WWE to return to TV-14, namely that of not having to continue editing the various weekly episodes, with Alvarez adding: "Honestly one of the reasons they want to go back to TV-14 was because they're sick of having songs to edit because of the fan chants at every show." In addition to letting the fans of the company "free", WWE would also be able to act much more freely with its storylines and angles, such as the one starring Dominik Mysterio a few episodes of Raw ago, in which he appeared full of blood in the face, something that would have hardly been seen before, if not for an unwanted accident.

Triple H’s decision to bring back a former RAW Superstar has prompted a debate on whether WWE has a new future world champion. “One thing I kept saying was, ‘Who’s gonna dethrone Roman?’” Russo said.

“And I kept saying, ‘The guy’s not there. Whoever he is, he’s not there.’ So when Karrion Kross came in, I was like, ‘Great.’ I met this guy one time because Disco [Inferno] trained him."

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