Surprising anecdote about Shawn Michaels

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Surprising anecdote about Shawn Michaels

WWE history is dotted with the most dominant teams and stables in pro-wrestling history, with some now legendary names that have made the federation's Tag Team category one of the best ever in the world of the discipline.

Needless to say, two of the most important team names in the entire history of WWF/E, are those of the Hardy Boyz, formed by Matt and Jeff Hardy and the E&C, or Edge and Christian, the two Canadian athletes now divided, one in WWE and the other in AEW.

The two teams have had for years some daring feuds full of special matches, with their Ladder matches and TLC matches that have entered the ranking of the best matches in the history of the McMahon-owned company. In addition to these big names, the Attitude Era and the eras that have followed one another over time, have seen different teams and different teams alternate in the rings that in their own way have made the history of the Stamford-based federation anyway.

Among these were also the New Age Outlaws, formed by Billy Gunn and Road Dogg, who were also included in the D-Generation X, then awarded the recognition of the WWE Hall of Fame only a few years ago. Shawn Michaels has reportedly received a massive promotion in WWE.

In his latest interview with the microphones of A&E Biography, for a special on D-Generation X, the Executive Director of WWE Bruce Prichard wanted to tell an anecdote that few knew, namely that the birth of the team formed by Road Dogg and Billy Gunn.

Shawn Michaels is a WWE legend

This is entirely attributable to Shawn Michaels, with Prichard having in fact stated: "It was Shawn. I remember Shawn coming up to us and he said 'Hey man, get these two guys off these stupid gimmicks and put them together as tag team, Road Dogg and Rockabilly.

They would be a scary team." Everything else, of course, is history, with the two athletes of the New Age Outlaws who also came out of their retirement a few years ago, to also have a great feud with the Usos, which however closed the active career of Road Dogg, then passed to the management of NXT, while instead Billy Gunn continues his career now in the ring of the rival AEW, together with his children, with whom he now has a real feud.

As seen below in WWE's official statement, Michaels is listed as WWE's Vice President of Talent Development Creative: "Following the success of our live events and talent identification efforts throughout all of Europe, we believe this is the perfect time to expand NXT beyond the UK," said Shawn Michaels, WWE Vice President of Talent Development Creative.

Shawn Michaels