Smackdown: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hug

Kevin Owens has signed a three-year deal with WWE

by Simone Brugnoli
Smackdown: Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hug

Sami Zayn was welcomed as a true hero at home in last night's episode of SmackDown, which aired in Montreal, Canada. He took part in a Fatal 5-Way valid to decree the new challenger at the Intercontinental Championship and, despite the defeat, he was the crowd favorite from the start.

Many have also glimpsed signs of an imminent turn face that could follow from a detachment from Bloodline. At the end of the episode, therefore with the cameras off, Sami was joined in the ring by his rival/close friend Kevin Owens who called him too good to be Roman Reigns' bitch!

Riddle thought about calming the waters, leading them to hug each other to the applause of the audience. The segment was picked up by some fans and ended up on social media as well. Owens and Riddle then defeated Ridge Holland and Butch in a tag team match, making Canadian fans happy.

Even Owens, therefore, acted as an absolute face. Therefore, plans may be in place to reunite Owens and Zayn in Tag Team and make him challenge the Usos, now unstoppable in their kingdom by Undisputed Tag Team Champions. Kevin Owens and Ezekiel have crossed paths ever since the latter's debut on the RAW after WrestleMania.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn hug

Recently interviewed, Kevin Owens said he wanted to win the couple's titles together with Sami Zayn. Although the two have clashed several times in the past, always giving fans five-star matches, they have also teamed up in WWE, but as a heel.

It would therefore be the first time that they could aim for titles but as a complete face. The two practically began their careers in the world of wrestling together, touring the world and making a name for themselves in Ring of Honor before joining WWE.

And when Owens won the Universal Championship on Raw in 2016, Sami was the first to hug him backstage. At the moment, Clash at the Castle is only two weeks away, and neither is advertised for Clash at the Castle, the next PPE is scheduled for September 3 in Cardiff.

Unless there are sensational changes, therefore, the possible match against The Usos will only take place after the great British event. One thing is certain: with Triple H in charge of the creative department, Owens and Zayn will have a big push. We saw it recently with Kevin, who on Raw is back to being the cynical Prizefighter of the good old days at NXT.

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